As we are lured outdoors by the warmer weather, so too are a swarm of insects. Higher temperatures and increased humidity also provide ideal conditions for pests to reproduce, meaning even more creepy crawlies hovering around your summer barbecue or backyard cricket match. Not to mention those that sneak inside and seem intent on disturbing your sleep.

Insect bites and stings are generally harmless and can be taken care of easily, but the injured site can also serve as a portal of entry for infection1. After being bitten or stung, most people will experience symptoms including redness, pain, skin swelling and itch. While scratching that persistent itch can provide sweet relief, it can also be the very thing to lead to infection, breaking the skin and allowing bacterial transfer.

Thankfully, SOOV Bite can help. Designed for bites and stings, the fast-acting cooling gel helps take away the urge to scratch and helps to relieve pain. The gentle formula contains an antiseptic to help prevent infection, as well as lidocaine (lignocaine), an anaesthetic that helps to numb the area. SOOV Bite is suitable for children from two years and adults, and can be applied up to four times daily to help relieve symptoms all day long.

Other ways to help avoid scratching include taking a cool bath or shower, wearing loose cotton clothing, trimming fingernails, and avoiding perfumed skin care products2.

Most insect bites will be itchy and red for a few days, but the following symptoms might be signs of infection – fever; chills; pus; swelling, warmth or a wide are of redness around the bite; sores or abscesses on or around the bite; long red line extending out from the bite and swollen glands.. If you show signs of infection, see your GP3.

To help prevent stings and insect bites, cover exposed skin when outdoors; apply insect repellent; avoid products with strong perfumes; be careful around flowering plants, rubbish and compost, and stagnant water; keep food and drink covered; and keep windows and doors closed to stop insects getting inside4.

Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.